Airport Expansion – to be or Not To Be

Finally the latest public enquiry has ended and whether the go ahead will be given is in the lap of the gods or how large the brown envelopes will be.


It is a great pity those against the expansion moved to the area knowing there was an operational airport in existence.   But EU protected slugs aside it is now the dicky bird brigade who do not want the lesser spotted blue tit having to find a new home.   We had the same arguments over the proposed wind farm – expecting poor little birds being chopped to pieces in the revolving blades.  Its amazing that a little birdie can get out of the way of a motor car travelling at 70 mph yet will commit Hari Kari in the sails of an electricity producing windmill.

Good job these people weren't around when motor cars first came into being!

If an  company or individual wants to put  £30 million pounds into the local economy then they should be welcomed with open arms.   It is not likely any sizable airline will be a success here but at least let them try..   Human beings and their survival must come first.


Oh and that David Wimble – one of the latest elected district councillors, head of the Marsh Community radio station and the editor and co owner of the (much praised by me) 'Looker' magazine (see links) has been massaging facts in support of the airport expansion.   David you are not the messiah you are just a naughty naughty boy (apologies to 'Life of Brian').   Stick to facts and the truth – you wont get tripped up then and of course if you tell the truth you don't have to remember what you said!

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