On a brighter note

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE, and widely reported in the press and tv news (television not transvestite) one Sir Richard Branson got in a pickle when he graced the area with his presence.


Richard had come to Dungie to attempt a record breaking mass crossing of the Channel on surf boards, dragged along by a large sails. The first day the winds were high and the waves and swell made it impossible to complete the crossing. The sad thing is the endeavour was called off because the safety boats couldn't cope with the rough seas. Richard and son actually travelled 11 miles out into the Channel before turning back – which, as he pointed out, the total time 'sailing' was sufficient to have got him to France. The following day the weather was too mild with insufficient wind to get the team more than a few hundred yards out. And what a lovely bloke with it. His family were there including his wheelchair bound father. A real pleasure to see him as a decent human being, finding time to talk to locals (including me – 'get out of the b……y way) and not acting in the way we see so many 'celebrities' doing. Better luck next time – which we understand will be in a few months time.


Looks like tent city but in fact some of the many sails lined up on a becalmed second morning in readiness for the next crossing attempt! And, not a lot to do with Dungeness but an 'advert' for Ulysses – a motorcycle club for the older generation. Motto – 'Grow old disgracefully'. A worldwide club started in Australia. See the links for their web site. Only mentioned this as, after nearly forty years out of the saddle have manged to get my leg across a 900 Triumph Trophy. Old but in good nick – and the bike. Out on dvd and currently showing on 'True Movie' channels the film 'Eichmann' Based on the interrogation (from transcripts) of Eichmann following his 'removal' from South America to Israel. Film script by Snoo Wilson, an owner and resident of Dungeness and starring the great German actor Thomas Kretschmann with Franke Potente, Troy Garrity, Stephen Fry and the then 8 year old Tilly from Dungeness! Tilly also appeared in the 2008 Edinburgh Festival award winning 'Best Short Film' – 'The Other Man' with Anna Maxwell-Martin and Neil Barry. Filmed on 'The Marsh' and beach at Dungie.


Tilly with Anna on the beach

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