Broadband – or lack of it

How we get lost when the technology we have become to rely on isnt there any more.   Broadband went off over 2 months ago and has only just been re-established albeit at a paltry 1/4 meg – well what can one expect we are over 60 miles from the capital of England.

Credit where credit is due though to BT's Open Reach team.   They spent a lot of time on my line even though my service provider is not BT.   Finally they replaced the copper wiring to the largest diameter wire they could find and low and behold 'back on line' – that nice thick copper cable should also act as a good conductor for lightening strikes – can't have everything I suppose.


There are numerous villages and small hamlets throughout the UK that are in excess of 6 kilometres from the local exchange, who also do not benefit from the fibre optics of the 'big boys' and simply cannot get broadband.   Local Parish councils do have funds from central government to assist rural communities in 'speeding up' broadband speeds – but it would be useful to be able to get it in the first place.   We understand there is something called BET – Broadband Enhanced Technology which, whilst costly to an individual is or should be free if there are over 15 subscribers wanting the service.   Anyone know anything more about this?


Anyway spring is here (for today) lots of sunshine, clear blue skies but still only 8 degrees.   Downside of the clear skies is the site of all the vapour trails frome the aircraft taking the lucky ones to sunnier climes in Spain and beyond.

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