Dungeness ‘Talent’ – Snoo Wilson

Snoo Wilson, writer extraordinaire, noted internationally for his plays and script writing (google him for more), lives and creates locally.   He currently has a play running in the old 'Rose Theatre' on the banks of the Thames.  Entitled 'More Light' it is impossible to provide a synopsis but is described as 'a satirical take on the works of Shakespeare'.

My first visit to 'The Rose' or rather what is left of it (built in 1586 and opened in 1587).   Forerunner of the more famous Globe Theatre, also on the banks of the Thames, 'The Rose' does provide an inspirational backdrop to the small and very personal stage – with actors only a few feet in front of the audience.   'More Light'- brilliantly performed by a cast who quite clearly enjoy the flow and rhythm of the 'old way of speaking English' – well worth a visit.

For more information on 'The Rose' theatre visit www.rosetheatre.org.uk.


Snoo was also the script writer of the recent film, entitled 'Eichmann', filmed in Budapest and Malta in which local girl Tilly O'Neil appeared.


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