Another award for Dungeness property

'El Ray', formally just a 'railway carriage shack' has been transformed into an award winning building.   The Kent Designs Award  follows on from last years award from RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) for properties in the under £1million category.


The interior still contains the original railway carriage but externally things are a lot different.   Its rounded curves are clad in vertical  panelled wood and viewed from the air it resembles a wine glass.   Obviously there has been criticism over its design but then there always are the die hard critics/moaners who do not want change.   Dungeness is unique, in part due to the diverse properties that are around.   At least these new designs, constructed to current building regulations and with the best possible materials, will be around long after the original ramshackle shacks have fallen down and of course will continue providing Dungeness with its uniqueness.

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