A third power station

The government decided there would not be a third power station at Dungeness – for no good reason other than the local fauna might be upset – oh and area is likely to be flooded in the not too distant future.    Cannot see that being allowed to happen as the two existing stations will have to be adequately protected for a period long after their sell by date.

Fortunately most of the local population in the area are for expansion as it will provide continued jobs and subsequent wealth to the area.   Human beings must come first!

It seems odd that the anti airport brigade don't object to the power station expansion!    If their belief is damage to the wildlife, ecology etc. then their argument should be applied to both.  However it is rumoured there are persons within the anti airport group who have a vested interest in getting a third nuclear power station built – so perhaps that is the main reason for opposing the runway expansion?

It was noted in the local paper last week that a new power station would destroy plant life unique to Dungeness.   It should be remembered that before the power station was built in the sixties there was no or very little vegetation.   Most of what we have today has benefited from the massive windbreak created by A and B Stations.   And most of what we have today is being destroyed by the unchecked growth of brambles.

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