The assistance by Nigel Wheal with new photographs…

The assistance by Nigel Wheal with new photographs for the site is very much appreciated.

A short bio from Nigel:

Born and raised in Maidstone I have alway had an infinity with the the great outdoors, activities from caving right through to just plain of walking. Gone are the days of me exploring the deep dark caverns that are scattered around the country.

Photography has taken over from the thrill seeking exploits of my youth and I now wander the south of England trying to capture in the viewfinder what we all take for granted.

I spend all my spare time seeking out vantage points with great views, and looking for everyday vistas that can be turned into something special with the right light or something special happening within the scene.

Essex to Sussex, Kent to Cornwall I try to venture to new places all the time.

I have recently set up a new Website to display some of my images as well as starting a new online blog where I can show what I am doing at present. If you see any image on the site that you are interested in, and would like to find out a little more about sizes and framing please feel free to get in touch with me via the Website ,

Nigel Wheal

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