Another power station or an Airport

Uproar because this weird government have ruled out Dungenss for a further nuclear power station.   And the anti airport expansion lobby have been deafening in their silence over the matter.   They must be in a dilemma not knowing which to shout about.   They produced loads of misinformation to stop the airport expansion and when it looked like a lost cause suddenly found a little slug – designated as of European importance to hang their hat on.   Proof if proof were needed that they wanted to stop the expansion at all costs and with nor real reason except that it was in their backyard.   Mind you some complainers aren't even local and seem to have other agendas.   And now a new power station that would destroy a far greater area of local fauna and insects than the extension to the runway – and not a peep.


There has always been an airport here and exceptionally busy one in the 'fifties' and the first of the power stations were constructed with the airport in mind.   Opposition to the runway extension was also based on the close proximity to the power stations – ruled out.


Lets put human beings first.   Jobs in the area are desperately needed and no-one should put the livelihood of local community at risk just for the sake of the 'lesser spotted green eyed slug)

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