Complaints about the state of the road. Getting …

Complaints about the state of the road.

Getting dangerous.

Many large potholes that could easily throw a motorcyclist to his doom.

Maybe we have to have a death before work is carried out.  

The estate are aware of the deterioration and we understand 'things will be done'.

In the past the cost of repair of repairs were borne by the gravel extractors, who were blamed for the damage in the first place.

They haven't been running for the past two years so now cannot be held responsible.

But who should pay? –  the residents (probably less than forty residents permanently), the local traders (pub, light house, railway)? – the hundreds of tourists who regularly visit.  

OR the estate who derive some income from the many film shoots held here?

Failing that a toll booth at the entrance gates.   It is a private estate after all and 'not dedicated to the public!

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