Help Wanted

We get many emails through the website requesting assistance in tracing long lost relatives associated with Dungeness and for the most part relate to the turn of the century (20th).   The problem is life comes to an end (for most of us at some time) and the numbers of elderly ‘local’ resident diminishes each year.   The eldest resident went to a nursing home many years ago and apart from one elderly lady there is no one else with the history to even pre war days (WW2).   So if she doesn’t know and younger generations have not inherited the history of past inhabitants then there is a problem in helping enquires.   However there may be someone out there who does have some history in their memory banks and therfore a precis of a couple of recent enquires follow:-


A Mr King from Hampshire has enquired about the property ‘Retreat’, where his grandmother resided, possibly as a tenant, from 1928 to 1932.   He is trying to establish the history of the building – who built it/owned it etc.   Anyone there who can help?


A second enquiry from Hampshire – looking for anyone with history on Peter (Percy) Steward born in/on Dungeness in 1917 and a property called Seagull Cottage.

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