Happy New Year to all our reader!


Since creating the blogg facility last year have simply not been able to comprehend the method of attaching anything new!    But  2010 New Year resolution will be 'to master it!'  Cannot even find the spill chiker!


Well all the hype of 'global warming' has been tempered recently with the onset of the first significant snow at Dunge for many years but only a sprinkle – not like the old days.    25 miles away – blizzards but sunshine and beautiful sunrises here.


Just before Christmas we saw the departure of Ken and Sylvia Oiler, ex local councillors and stalwarts of 'keep Dungenss unspoilt' brigade.   Members of one of the oldest 'original' Dungeness fishing families they put a great deal of time and effort into ensuring things 'got noticed' here – wish them well in their continued retirement.


Recently a lot of publicity, national newspapers and tv, regarding the sale of a 'shack' with panoramic views of the east wall of the nuclear power station.   The agents neglected to inform potential purchasers that this 'unique' little property with magnificant views across the beaches was also bathed in the shadow and radiant glow of the now defunct 'A' Station.   Up for around a quater of a million pounds it finally sold to a local family!   The chap who complained bitterly that he had been mislead by the agents details and wasted a journey to Dungeness would seem to be a bit of a trouble maker or just dim.  Who in the world doesnt know that Dungeness does not have nuclear power stations or indeed travelled down without first checking on the internet??


If you have £1.5 million to spare there is quite a nice place available!!  Details upon request (brown envelpoe and £ notes please)


There was a recent, well attended, meeting (makes a change) of the local 'Residents Association' to discuss, with Shepway District Council, the vagaries of planning applications and consent for rebuilding/modernising shacks on the beach.   Alas I was not able to attend the meeting and alas no feedback was made available to the rest of the populace who could not attend.   Word has it  there were the usual gripes from the usual gripers but overall the meeting was, evidently,  a success albeit lacking in any firm outcome or positive decisions.   The main area of concern seems to be the 'wierd and wonderful' structures now being created and 'definately not in keeping with the area'   I think what is ovelooked is that part of Dungeness's uniqueness has always been the variety of buildings/shacks and that they have evolved over the years.   Half of the estate started life as railway carriages and the other half small purpose built bungalows, albeit timber framed for the most part.   The railway carriages had bits added to them and the reult an assortment of shapes and sizes.   The 'Rubber House' was probably the first to break the mould and become something a little out of the ordinary and was accepted.   The 'Wine Glass' is slated for being 'not in keeping.'    It is different yes but if all were reconstructed as per my neihbours' properety (very well done I might add) in wood shiplap painted white (or black as the last dictat indicated) the estate would end up as a twee little village – which it isn't, wasn't and never should be!  Some of the loudest critisisms come from neglected eyesore owners.


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