Dungeness property sales

The latest sale seems to be that of the church and one time meeting place of the 'Buffalo's' for a reputed £180,000.00. This ex air raid shelter has served the community for many decades as Church, residents meeting place and 'Buffalo Lodge. It is alleged the building was left to the reisidents and should not have been sold, certainly without it being publically announced that it was for sale.

The new owners of 'Channel View', one of the few remaining properties in need of restoration have submitted plans for its redevelopment so lets hope there are no hold ups there. Usually get a few 'wingers' who complain about everything making objections but over the past couple of years Shepway Council have been a little more understanding uin their agranting planning permission for various designs in the 'new' properties.

There was a time when the then narrow minded planners insisted in new developments being clad in timber and painted balck. This would have lead dungeness becoming a twee little village of sameness instead of the uniqueness for which it is known.

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