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29 April 2009

Thanks for mail and glad you enjoyed the trip. Good weather does help!

Re 'Garage Cottage' so named as once in the distant past it was a garage.

There is some doubt as to when it reverted to a house but probably mid to late 40's. Someone aged 63 seems to recall seeing it in his childhood yet another a few years older does not recall seeing it and as they say its been a cottage for 'as long as anyone can remember'

Re Derek Jarmans 'Prospect Cottage' its nice to know some visitors to the estate respect boundaries but with regard to Prospect it seems to be expected everyone can walk around it at close quarters and as they please.

There are those interested in gardening and people do like to look at what is growing and then there are the Jarmen followers for whom it is a shine.

On the south side of the building (if you really did not get that close) is embossed a script in 'ye olde English' which does seem to invite close scrutiny. It would please Derek if he knew there was continued interest in the place and I think the 'caretaker' accepts the fact people will come looking around. Most of the properties do not have formal boundaries, as we were/are prevented from erecting fences although most shack owners do own the freehold up to the road.

Latest shack for sale is up at £265k I think and that is in the shadow of the power station so I suppose it will not be long before prices get up to £500k. The last uninhabitable one went for around £150k.

Start saving.

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