Hello from Thailand

18 January 2009

Hello from Thailand,

My question is this.Does anyone know if the oiler family are still living in Dungeness?,because many years ago my father always bought his ragworm bait there before he would go fishing on the beech.The other questions are as follows——

Are there still some converted railway carriages anywhere in Dungy,because we had 2 ,they were called –wy wurry ,and Verderise.They were literally just railway carriages that been converted.,and I believe that many were taken to Dungy shortly after the second war ,may even be the first war ,not sure as living accommadation.Ok,last question,promise.Does anyone remember a Mrs.Donovan,who used to breed Chihuahua dogs,because she was our neighbour,and our carriage was very neat to the Chapel,that used to have a bell on the top.The chapel was just down the road from the Oilers house.I miss it all so much,and I will eventually come back there to live,assuming Ican find suitable accommadation.I am school teacher here in Thailand,but Ireally miss the marsh.I simply love the bleakness,in fact the original David Leans film Great-Expectations opening scene always reminds me of good old Dungy.

ps –I would love to know if anyone has any answers to my questions .

Yours Faithfully,


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