First attempt at a blog………..

First attempt at a blog to augment Dungeness web site ( As the first posting I wanted to reproduce a 'newsletter' dated June 1999, which as then secretary to Dungeness Residents Association, I sent out at the time which seemed to ruffle a few feathers. (Unfortunately I have not found a way of importing text from an outside source although have managed photographs). Following the newsletter thre followed a 'coup' and I was ousted from my grand position whilst on holiday. I returned to find I had resigned due to pressure of work! And since then committee has been next to useless with no information being passed to residents. Mind you since 1999 the face of Dungeness has changed – well not so much the 'face' as the incumbents?. As the fisher folk made good they moved out to 'proper' houses and following the interest in the place by the likes of film director Derek Jarmen prices have rocketed form the £750.00 I paid to figures in excess of £200,000.00.

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