Dungeness sundry……..

9 September 2009

Due to the following Dereck J has and also the interests created over the years by BBC gardening programmes DJ’s garden is very much ‘open to the public’ although as you say it is nice to have boundaries respected (nothing worse than to have a couple, hands clasped around their eyes peering into ones abode – (it has happened to me) to see what creature lurks within. Many people have, in the past, asked why do you live here? And the answer is ‘because I have had the choice!’. Nowadays, with changes in attitude as to what life is really about, the comments are usually to the effect ‘wish we could afford to live here. As you say property values are high – but where else can you buy such desolate solitude (well nearly).

Planners only allow re-development of shacks providing something original remains behind – i.e. railway carriages. Most shacks to the south of the estate still have the carriages hidden within and others quite clearly untouched. You probably saw ‘Channel View’ which has recently been sold and will retain the rather beautifully wood carriage within when re-developed.

As for litter – most left by anglers and visitors but a lot brought in by the westerly winds. We have a warden but it would take ten people full time to keep it under control. The odd crisp packet, that may make a good photograph, may well ‘blow on’ to another location but the broken bottles; tin cans etc are a nuisance. Ideally would like to find out who the culprits are and deliver said junk to their front lawn! For some reason I suspect they would object!!


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