Dungeness Rubbish

21 January 2009

An email from K. Bates:

Dear Sir or Madam

I have been coming to dungy since I was 8 years old i am now 65 this is where i learn to do sea fishing my wife and i still go to dungy at least 6 times a year if not more we love dungy. We are members of the D.A.A but we appalled at rubbish that is left on the beach by other fishermen and visitors my and i often walk along the beach picking up rubbish unfortunately there is not many bins to put the rubbish in we often end up taking other peoples rubbish back home with us it is not just paper but broken bottles beer cans etc.

Re Rubbish Agree with you but short of closing Dungeness to the public (it is still a private estate) and thus the mindless fishermen (I am quite sure they are in the minority – those that leave rubbish behind) but there is very little that can be done short of filming them leaving rubbish behind, taking their car numbers and from that where they live – and then taking the rubbish and dumping on their front lawn. I'm sure they would complain about that but it will not stop morons in general not taking their rubbish home.

Any sensible suggestions on what can be done would be welcome!

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