catching up on Dungeness news

Still a few Oilers on beach – Ken and wife Sue – he is retired and active in local politics.

Wi Wurri is next door to me – Charlie Carter bought it many years ago (from your family? – he sold to a young couple and they sold to current owner who demolished it and rebuilt it. It was in a sorry state and had to come down. Mine (AT Last') still has the carriage as a dining room but cannot see line of any carriage from outside.

As you have seen from website Dungeness is now a 'preserved' area for many reasons and any shack that has a carriage within has to keep so from Church to Old lighthouse all but two that had rail carriages still do have them.

I remember Mrs Donovan well and it was she who made me aware of two properties for sale in 1970 – and I bought At Last. I remember the dogs and the parrot which had a colourful vocabulary. I was ten or so at time – in fact we came on holiday every September for two weeks (from Ashford) from 1949 to 1956.

Don’t recall start of Great Expectations but the film 'The Dark man' was made here in the late 50's and since then numerous films including a good episode of 'Minder' (good for the photography) and we get pop group videos being made all the time including the latest Will Young thing a couple of months ago.

Property prices here are now extortionate – last being £150,000.00 for Channel View a derelict shack opposite me. My place valued at £250,000.00 so all in all – gone mad!!

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