Canadian enquiry

27th November 2004

An email from Hank Tweedy of Edmonton, Canada:

I am wondering if anybody knows something or has the possibility to look up some information about a family member of mine.Today, November 27 2004, is the day a ship had a collision 120 years ago of Dungeness.

William George Tweedy was the 2nd engineer on the ship and he drowned that day. I have approached several people with a data base on shipwrecks but no luck.The ship was the "DURANGO" and the collision occurred on November 27,1884 of Dungeness.

If anybody could help me with information about the accident, was it the weather, storm or what happened to the bodies of the people that drowned I would really appreciate it.

Are there perhaps any archives or libraries that hold old newspaper information for the are of Dungeness where I can write to, that would be great too.Thanks all of you who read this and especially those who react to the message, negative or positive it's all okay.

Thanks Hank Tweedy

Can anyone help? If so Hank can be contacted by email at [note replace -at- with @]

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