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I heard there was an article in a Sunday newspaper that there were anti radiation pills available in case of a nuclear accident. Where are these pills and who can have them and what do they do?


We have traced the article back to the Sunday Times, which is reprinted in full.

We have also spoken with both managers at A and B power stations and also the safety team at Sizewell and Suffolk County Council, who seem to be a little more clued up than our local councillors. (for the record Jeff Stacey 01473 583000)

It would seem that the pills, Potassium Iodate are available but as far as A and B are concerned the distribution of such items has to be left with the local council land emergency teams that are already set up.

There has been very little publicity locally and a Shepway official made the comment that there were no plans afoot to distribute them – even if they did exist.

The Suffolk County Council emergency planning officer told us they are still drawing up plans for the Sizewell area and hope to have a package available by next May – although the pills are available for immediate distribution if an emergency arose. He did make a valid point – do we issue the pills and expect residents to keep them safely to hand or distribute them after the event when everyone will be under instruction to stay indoors and batten down the hatches – who in their right mind would go out distributing pills??

Pre distribution would seem to be the answer but it is felt that in the event of a major disaster there wont be too much left of anyone that a few pills would cure!

Someone out there may know – maybe the local residents committee have them already – please let us know.

See also web page National Radiological Protection Board ( Very good site and you can purchase your own Radon Detector kits for just over £30.00!! We shall make this site available as a ‘Link’

John Abrahams has contacted us from London. A frequent visitor and lover of Dungeness and the marsh. Wants to know what is happening re the plans to extend the airport facilities and the runway and also asks if there is any significance in the fact that Lydd Golf Club has been taken over by a holding company that has an interest in the airport!

Answer – not a lot has been found out. Lydia Terry, Shepway planning officer for the are has stated

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