Dungeness news January 04

20 January 2004

Welcome to the beach Snoo and Ann Wilson who have recently purchased ‘Wi Wurri’ from Nick and Kirsty Elliot who have moved to larger premises in New Romney.

Four enquires in past month re bed and breakfast.

Is any one out there providing this service – preferably on the beach. We have passed on details of the B&B’s on coast drive but if anyone has the desire or inclination to provide the odd visitor with a bed and a meal please let us know and we will advertise the fact.

Did you know the airport has a very good lounge bar and dance floor. Ideal for parties, functions etc. Have visited a couple of times and it is sad to see the place so under utilised.

Did you know that the cheapest Directory Enquiries is 118 800 (Directory Enquires UK) at 19p per minute and no connection charge and 118 888 (Conduit) at 20 pence per minute and no connection charge. 118118 is 49p connection and 9p per minute – the most expensive and the most popular. Why are you using them? The power of advertising or simply a fetish for men with droopy moustaches??

Did you know Enroute the travel people can get you to Paris on the tube (Eurostar for £79.00) day trip or £129.00 for a nights stay including hotel and further nights at £25.00 per night. You don’t have to live local to take advantage of those prices!

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