Dungeness media news June 2004

1st June 2004

Following on from a Channel 4 programme on a couple of shacks at Dungeness, Radio 4 brought their Excess Baggage Saturday morning programme live from the Pilot Public House.

The Channel 4 afternoon show ‘Up Your Street’ looked inside a couple of the properties and the owners visited each other’s houses and had their comments recorded. All very low key and just another example of inexpensive reality TV filling a slot during the day when no one watches. Not a bad programme really and hosted by Simon O’Brien, late of Brookside.

There was some activity recently which involved several AA vehicles (the Automobile Association for our overseas readers who may mistake it for Alclolonics Anymouse). The latest tv ads for the AA would seem to have a few nano seconds of what appears to be Dungeness but all too quick to really identify

We also learn of two groups recording songs inspired by Dungeness. The first features on a cd from Athlete and the other Three Litre. Keep an eye out for them.

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