Anti radiation Pills – Where are they?

Over a year ago anti radiation pills were made available to those living within a few kilometres of nuclear establishments – to be taken if an emergency arose.

We have heard nothing from the local council or indeed the local residents association. Are they sitting on the stocks ready to give out or do we have to go and collect them.

We have spoken to the managers at A and B and quite understandably their attitude is they are here to make electricity and not get involved in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster. One presumes they would not be around for very long if something serious did occur.

The manager at Sizewell did know of the scheme to distribute the pills and raised an interesting hypothesise:- do you hand out pills now and expect every resident to safely store them away until and if a disaster occurred or do you wait until after the event and then distribute them – in which case where are you going to get idiots to go into a condemned area to give out the little pills. What is happening? Does any one know or is this another local council secret?

And more serious things there are to attend to – the owners of the lovely Streamline caravan have been told local councillors have received complaints about it being there it is. Evidently the parking of a caravan contravenes the terms to which residents have to abide. There are other caravans parked on the beach and the owners of these have not been served with such notice. Must be something to do with the Residents Association!

And the litter keeps piling up!! Not all of it is washed up or brought from Camber by the winds. Visiting fishermen would seem to be the biggest culprits. Other visitors seem to be using the refuse bins provided – so much so they overflow but the fishermen’s litter left behind is a disgrace. How nice it would be to find out where these litter louts lived and then deposit their rubbish on their door step. Me thinks there were would be an uproar. So why do they leave their crap behind? If anyone can photograph evidence plus vehicle details please email and we’ll see if something cannot be done.

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