France getting nearer


Is it the EU creeping up on the UK to finally swallow this little Island up?

The picture does seem to indicate France is getting a little close.   Must admit the coastal outline has never been so clear or so far out of the water.

I realise in times gone by we were joined to mainland Europe but having been separated for many thousands of years we have got used to looking after ourselves and the majority of inhabitants do not wish to be governed by Brussels.   Still who is interested in what the population want? –  certainly not members of Parliament

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More 4 TV Dungeness

The More 4 television program 'Homes by the Sea' will be featuring Dungeness on Thursday 13th November at 2100hrs – repaeated the following Sunday.

Having seen a couple of the previous episodes and the quite fantastic properties featured elsewhere around our coast I think Dungeness will have to rely on its unique and remote location to grab the attention.   We shall sea!  (Pun intended)

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More 4 Tonight 9pm

Starting tonight on (UK) (Thursday 16th October) More 4 is the first part of a new series looking at interesting properties around the coast of the UK.  The program will continue Thursday nights for the next 11 weeks.

Entitled 'Homes by The Sea' the program is hosted by architect Charlie Luxton and clips from the series does seem to introduce some very interesting properties and locations

The episode filmed at Dungeness has not been allocated a transmission date but will be one of the last 3 to be aired.  We will let you know.



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Airport – Final Hurdle


An appeal by by the RSPB (Society for protection of birds)  against further expansion to the airport was overturned in the High Court.   This was the final hurdle of many years of battles to prevent any expansion but now works on the runway extension and the new terminal build can commence.   After the hearing the representatives from the RSPB agreed they would be working closely with the airport team to ensure all interests are met.

I still maintain that birds being more adept at creating accommodation than humans and the fact that the whole area of the wildlife site has expanded from the time when the airport was at its busiest, there will be little disruption to their current way of life.   We had similar complaints when motorways were to 'scour the face of the land' and ruin wildlife but as it turned out the no mans land between motorways have become a haven for all forms of wildlife.   Humans were against gravel extraction but as we have seen 30 years on we have even more wildlife (birds) visiting the area simply because of these artificial lakes.





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Is This the Future of Lydd Airport?

The  terminal services now include Customs, immigration and even Special Branch and it is hoped this will attract more executive jets, helicopters, light aircraft and cargo.

Regular flights to Verona and Naples run by Newmarket Holidays, as well as to Le Touquet in France, operated by LyddAir are already in force with the hopes of further expansion.

Lydd Airport have welcomed the first Newmarket Holidays passengers, who previously would have flown in and out of Manston Airport but the opposition to any expansion still rolls on with  campaign groups citing damage to the environment and the potential catastrophe of an aircraft crashing into Dungeness nuclear power station and Sue Royal of  the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds stating “Not only does increasing flights from Lydd risk potential disturbance to wildlife and its habitat, it also threatens an area that has been frequently praised as one of the most tranquil in the UK, attracting millions of visitors every year and valued by local people.

 What tosh!  Lets fight to prevent a return to the good old days with the noise and pollution that was part of the daily life.   Ah but I suspect the protestees were not around then.


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Response from Blog re Power Station

Subject: Contact from Dungeness website
> From: David Morgan
> Subject: Dungeness Danger
> Message Body:
> Please read. Anyone have the time to take this on?
> You'd assume that safety limits exist because they're needed to keep
> people safe. Apparently not at nuclear power stations. This week it
> was announced that a key safety limit at Dungeness nuclear power
> station may be changed so its lifetime can be extended. [1]
> Graphite bricks in the reactor are about to breach safety levels and
> the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) would have had to prosecute or
> even shut down the plant. But instead, the regulators are considering
> a request from EDF energy, who run the station, to simply change the safety limit.
> Steve Thomas, professor of energy policy at the University of
> Greenwich,
> said: "It doesn't feel good when we come up against limits and the
> first thing they [the ONR] do is to move the goalposts."
> Do you live near the powerstation? What do you think?
> If you'd like to start a campaign on this, or any other issue, you can
> do so using the 38 Degrees Campaigns by You website:
> Already dozens of members have won campaigns on issues across the
> country, pushing to make the UK a more fair, equal and sustainable
> place to live. [2]
> It doesn't take long to make your campaign live. If you share it with
> friends and family it can quickly snowball and before long hundreds of
> people could be backing you. There's also a team in the 38 Degrees
> office to give tips and advice on how to run your campaign.
> Click here to get your campaign started today:
> Thanks for everything you do
> Robin, Rebecca, Blanche and the 38 Degrees team.
> Notes:
> [1] BBC News: Dungeness B nuclear plant operator wants safety limit raised:
> [2] Campaigns by You victories so far:
> Start a petition
> Did you know that every day, 38 Degrees members are setting up and
> running their own campaigns? The website is called Campaigns By You.
> It's easy to use and the 38 Degrees staff team are here to help.
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> receive our emails you can unsubscribe here.

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> –
> This mail is sent via contact form on

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Extended Life!

EDF, operators of Dungeness Nuclear Power Station (B), have secured permission to continue operating for the next five years even though one of the, hither to,  limiting factors of 'wear and tear' are about to be exceeded.   Graphite blocks which surround the radio active bits and pieces have a life capped at  6% degradation (in weight).  Currently about 5.7%  EDF have secured a safety margin of 8%,  although they had hoped for slightly more, which will allow them to operate to 2020 at least.   We are told there are no safety issues and it will be business as usual!

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EU Polls

Dungeness Lifeboat station once again became the official polling station for the area.   Politics aside it was interesting or alarming to see the number of candidates 'applying' for the 1/4 million pound basic pay job (plus all the expenses that one can fiddle).   UKIP, as expected came good, gaining 32% of all votes throughout Kent, with 24 members going to EU parliament.   I wonder whether they and all the others going there, will stand up and be counted for what they have told the electorate they believe in or will they, once on the gravy train, be afraid to open their orifices (vocal!)  and rock the boat, thus jeopardising  tier future lavish, potential, life styles.

I think it was a quote in the New York Times that said if you really want to hear what a politician has to say you really have to put your ear to his backside (well they said 'arse' but thought that word might be a little too strong).   Either way the point was made and possibly it applies to all politicians no matter what country they come from.

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Princess Anne to name new Lifeboat

Princess Anne, only daughter of her Majesty The Queen is visiting Dungeness today (Saturday 31st May) for the formal naming of the new Lifeboat, 'The Morrell'.   No times have been revealed!

The Morrell, a Shannon Class vessel  is named after  Barbara Morrell who died in 2009 at the age of 95.   Barbara had left a legacy in her will for the funding of the new craft, which arrived in February this year,    After a few weeks of trials 'The Morrell' was in action for real in early March when it attended a fishing boat  in difficulties, investigating an empty 2 man life raft and and in early April assisting a 42 foot yacht with gearbox problems.   For more information on the Dungeness Lifeboat – and to make any donations – please visit their site through our 'Links' page

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Whatever Next

Male Escort – Hot Tub Fun?   Whatever is going on at sleepy Dungeness?   Peyton Place it isn't but strange things seem to be going on behind closed doors.   Watch this space!.

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