Pics from Robert Walker Photographer

Robert Walker Photographery  here



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Another Property for Sale

Neighbour Peter has decided to sell ‘Jesmond’.

To be formally valued this weekend with expected price to be in excess of £300,000.

The property was extensively modernised by previous owner and to a good standard (he was a boat builder with an eye for detail). Jesmond was featured on the Channel 4 program ‘Up Your Street’ a few years ago so for a good look around try to tune into the programme.

The property is based around a 1920’s guardsvan and has many interesting features. There are two double bedrooms, a large kitchen and an extensive first floor which could be used as a third bedroom and or office space. A large high-roofed garage (built to house a boat) is attached.
The property comes with a freehold interest.

Uninterrupted views to sea


For further information please email. Continue reading

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Bits and pieces

Not a lot happening at Dungeness. Evidently the construction company renovating/rebuilding the local station café folded but within a week a new company was on the scene and it is still planned to have all the facilities in operation by next Spring (2016 that is).

The local Coastguard service, operated by Bristow Helicopters, made a life saving sortie last week when they flew to Luton to pick up a young baby and doctors who had flown in from Glasgow. They then flew to Southampton, where a specialist baby unit stabilised the little one, before the crew flew them all back to Luton. What price a life?

Has ‘Banksie’ been back? Local restaurateur Costas Sotiriou discovered an effigy of a small boy on a rear wall of his restaurant in Greatstone – good place to eat by the way. Very much in the ‘Banksie’ style it does look as though this illusive but world famous, artist has returned to the area. Who is he?

Local newspapers report that a local councillor has been fiddling his expenses. Surely it would be news if it were reported a councillor had not done such dastardly deeds. I thought it was one of the perks of the job!

Local website ‘’ has had a facelift so well worth a visit for other local news – as indeed are the other sites that can be found on our ‘links’ page.

And above should have been posted 1st December! It is now 2016. Happy New Year.

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Love Song of the Electric Bear?



That is the title of a small West End production from the pen of my late neighbour Snoo Wilson.

On stage for the past three weeks in a small theatre just off Leicester Square, the odd title (typical Snoo!) gave no clue as to the subject matter. In this case it told the story of Alan Turin, the brilliant mathematician who broke the ‘Enigma’ code during the 2nd World War. Also, typical of Snoo’s scribing, was his ‘oddball’ and entertaining way of looking at life. In this case the story unfolded through the eyes of Alan Turin’s Teddy Bear!

Really good, what I would call ‘proper’ acting, with minimal props and only feet from the audience. Thoroughly entertaining and should be turned into a Channel 4 TV production!

Although a neighbour for many years prior to his untimely death 18 months ago it wasn’t until I spent a couple of weeks with him on an overseas location – when making his film ‘Eichmann’, did I witness the frenetic outpouring of his brain into the keyboard – laptop not piano. Most of his waking day was spent typing and typing. Words just flowed onto the page. Quite unbelievable to see this word-smith at work.

I hasten to add it was daughter Tilly who had an acting role – I was merely the escort- I couldn’t act my way out of a paper bag.
Anyway good to see Snoos’s work being played out from someone who loved life at Dungeness – where he found the peace and tranquillity that gave him the opportunity to immerse himself in his writing.

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Grand Designs – Saturday 28th November

pebble house 3

The property, now known as ‘Pobbles’ which featured on ‘Homes by the Sea’ a few months ago has been short-listed for the prestigious RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) ‘House of the Year’ award, which this year is being aired in association with Channel 4’s special series of ‘Grand Designs’.

So this Saturday at 8pm, Channel 4, ‘Pobbles’ will shown again.

pebble house 1

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Polish Spitfire Memorial – Just a thought

If there is anyone out there with a couple of thousand pounds to spare please get in touch but on a practical note – is there anyone out there (a professional ‘chippy’ perhaps) who would like to provide a quote either for the blades or the whole affair please do get in touch.   Doesn’t matter where in the U.K.   We can collect!!


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Polish Airmen’s Memorial – proposal

Polish Memorial - Dungeness prop panel 3d drawing

Not a flattering pic of what the memorial might be but the idea has been put forward to have the two upright posts in the shape of a Spitfire propeller.   This however does not come cheap.   The original idea of sturdy wooden posts, similar to the information boards already on the beach, would have been around the £800.00 mark – but this suggestion (and we have only one estimate so far) is around £3000.00.

We have received several  small pledges for a new memorial and a modest 7 or 8 hundred pounds would have been achievable but to consider an expensive one would probably mean  grander gestures from other organisations – perhaps EDF – or the Polish Air Force Association or even their Embassy.

Anyway open to suggestions, comments etc.

What price for our freedom?

Polish Memorial - Dungeness prop panel plan views

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Early morning mist

Following inclusion of Robert Walker’s. photograph of the new lighthouse put up last week the following pic taken 1st November is not untypical of the mist that comes off the sea – and lingers yet 4 miles down the road they are bathed in sunshine.     Interesting thing was the fog horn was not blaring.









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Fine Art


One of a series of photographs taken by a fine arts photographer, Robert Walker.


It will feature in his exhibition ” The Fifth Continent ”  at Touchstones Gallery, Rochdale, Lancashire.
It opens on 12th December 2015 and closes on 27th February 2016.
On a personal note I feel it is a shame this is not a full length pic of the lighthouse






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EDF Quick off the mark!

At 8 this morning a team of at least ten contractors were at the Estate gates commencing  the making good the numerous potholes that have plagued motorists for many months now.

Well done and although much needed and well overdue I wonder whether this is an attempt to take the wind out of the sales of those more vociferous complainers who will be attending the coffee morning with power station bosses next Monday.

Monday 9th Nov

Bit quick off the mark with my praise for EDF and the ‘holy’ road.   They didn’t fill in the offending crevasses – merely cut them out by making a larger but squarish detailed effect.   Now one cannot help but run into them as opposed to using them as chicanes to drive around.

I think these holes need looking into urgently!   We will see how the meeting goes.

Update 1400 hours

And the potholes were being filled in this morning – but from 9 a.m. (must have slept in!)  – all in time for the meeting with EDF at the ‘B’ Station – which turned out to be a useful exercise.   Not only from a ‘PR’ point of view for EDF but informative from the residents.  A good turn out – with not too many ‘silly’ questions being raised.

And for all those who do not live here but are concerned about the future of the area – – as expected it will be  ‘business as usual’ and as far as EDF are concerned there will be little or no change.   The legalities of the purchase mean the keys wont be handed over until late December or early January next year,  after which there will be further meetings with the residents to look at how things can move forward for the future.


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