Boat Fire

3 young male prats pretending to be ‘photographers’ on an (illegal) shoot decided to place smoke grenades in canisters in an old wooden boat last evening.   The craft, belonging to local fisherman Kenny Thomas, was, as can be seen completely burnt out.

Evidently there were half a dozen illicit film shoots on the beach yesterday.

  Its about time the ‘Estate’ was closed to all visitors who cannot respect the place.

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Memorial Latest

Despite the weather the new memorial board has been installed.


EDF workers arrived just after eleven this morning and managed to get the bench seat inserted into the beach – and then the rains came!!


And below the man who started it all many years ago – Colin Clayton – with his temporary board which replaced the previous one destroyed in gales a year ago.

Colin has also given his time to setting up other memorials in the area including one down the road at Greatstone in remembrance of an American bomber crew.


and finally……..



One of the Polish visitors who came to pay his respects to the two fallen Polish pilots, on the 75th Anniversary of their death, has set up a Facebook page for their remembrance.

Please give it your support.

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Polish Memorial – 75th Anniversary

Saturday 16th April 2016 will see the 75th anniversary of the two Polish Spitfire pilots killed on that day in 1941.

The hitherto privately maintained memorial – by Colin Clayton – is being replaced by a more substantial structure on Friday morning at 11:00 am, courtesy of EDF and the Polish workers at the power station site.

As it was uncertain as to whether the new memorial would be in place for the anniversary no formal gathering had been planned but it would seem there will be a few visitors to the area on Saturday.

Will post new photos on Friday – subject of course to the weather

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Last year, sometime, I received the following missive – which was immediately lost in the bowels of my PC and together with the ‘help’ of  Microsoft ‘Outlook’  lost all record of the person who submitted these personal memories of Dungeness:-

Shortly a new page will be added to the website named ‘Memories’ or ‘Nostalgia’ for such stories.   Articles welcomed!!

16 March Dunge memories Page 1

16 March Stroy P2 17

16 March Stroy P3 18

16 March Stroy P4 19
16 March Stroy P5 20
16 March Stroy P7 22 16 March Stroy P8 23

16 March Stroy P6 21

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Polish Memorial – Update

This coming April 16th marks the 75th anniversary of the deaths of the two Spitfire pilots shot down and killed here during the war.

We know of a few people who will be visiting on this day to pay their respects, including Colin who created the memorial in the first place.   He had contacted us as to say he  wanted to spruce things up and lay some flowers on that day.   His call was very timely as we had learnt only the day before that EDF have offered to remake the memorial in a longer lasting form and which they hope will be in situ before the 16th.   EDF have a contingent of Polish workers here and it is they who are preparing the new memorial – free of charge.   They are also going to replace the plastic seat with a more substantial bench constructed from old railway sleepers.

As it is the 75th anniversary it has been suggested there might be a more formal gathering including perhaps  local and Polish Vicars and representatives from local RAF Association members even though it cannot be guaranteed the new memorial will be in place in time.

Open to comments.

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Lifeboat Launch System c1957

Just found an old pic which must have been taken on a ‘Brownie 127’ – as that is all we could afford in those days.  A fairly calm day so probably a routine exercise.

16 march Lifeboat 1957 (2)

The photo shows the then lifeboat Mabel E Holland, which was in service between 1957 and 1979   It certainly looks cumbersome and heavy compared with todays boats.   And of course no fancy tractors to haul it up and down the beach – just the ‘wives’ (sorry The ‘Dungeness Lady Launchers) and an old winch.   The ‘Ladies’ not only had to man handle the heavy oak ‘woods’ or ‘skids, upon which the lifeboat was moved across the beach  they often  had to give a ‘piggy back’ to the menfolk of the crew to ensure they were completely dry before setting off.   Much more detail of these ladies and the well written history of the local lifeboat can be found on

Copied below – without the permission of the local RNLI (but hope they wont mind) a list of the ‘shouts’ the Mabel E Holland was involved in during her tenure here at Dungeness.

R.N.L.B. MABEL E. HOLLAND 1957 – 1979

3 Dec 1958 – S.S. Prodromos of Monrovia, landed (12)

4 Dec 1958 – S.S. Prodromos of Monrovia, landed (6)
1 Jan 1959 – Houseboat Petrina of Itchenor, gave help
13 Feb 1959 – F.V. Breadwinner of Hastings, stood by vessel
29 June 1959 – Rubber Dinghy, saved dinghy
7 July 1959 – Cabin Cruiser Kaye of Rye, gave help
12 July 1959 – Rubber Dinghy (4)
2 Sept 1959 – Yacht Glenshane of Chichester, escorted yacht
17 Apr 1960 – Sailing Dinghy, saved dinghy
19 Apr 1960 – Fishing Vessel Morag (3)
19 July 1960 – Sailing Dinghy Sioux Kayak, saved boat (1)
28 July 1960 – Launch Victor and Yacht Lulworth Castle, gave help
12 Feb 1961 – MV. Jacqueline Roberta of Folkestone, saved boat (3)
17 Feb 1961 – Naval Tanker, gave help
18 June 1961 – F.V. Little Dick of Dungeness, saved boat (3)

And again- for overseas readers – the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) which covers the entire U.K. coastline is funded entirely from donations and crews are purely volunteers.

Also noted in last weeks Kentish Express three young lads from the local Marsh Academy,  raised over £1300.00 to be shared between the Dungeness  and Littlestone RNLI.  The lads took photographs, available  from a local Facebook group (Marsh Sunrise and More) and created and marketed calendars.

Great to see local youngsters getting involved in this worthwhile charity.

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Ongoing Saga – Polish Memorial

The construction (erection) of a new memorial to the two Polish airmen who died at Dungeness during the last war is still no nearer being agreed upon.   Since we first mentioned  the matter, several suggestions have been put forward but with the uncertainty of the sale of the Estate  nothing has been agreed upon.   Hopefully now with EDF in charge and Owen Leyshon very much to the forefront on local issues we will get some movement.

The latest suggestion is something similar to a ‘headstone’ made of stainless steel in the non military area of the impressive international cemetery in Brookwood.

I have suggested to Owen if all else fails we will commission a replica of the memorial we have here but made out of more sturdy hardwood posts and sealed Perspex casing to hold the personal details – virtually as is now.

A lot of people have pledged funds to keep the memory of these two young men alive so lets hope it isn’t too long before we can get things moving..






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Heard they had erected a barrier at the end of the Estate!  great – keep the immigrants out or better still the visitors.   Alas no – its just the latest safety measure for the ‘light’ railway.   Finally a level crossing barrier has been erected by the RH&DR to, hopefully, prevent the morons driving across the front of passing trains.   I have witnessed this personally and it is heart stopping stuff – especially as it was not so long ago a female driver was killed when her engine was knocked over.

Apart from the excitement surrounding this new erection not a lot has happened here.    Neighbour Peter is seeking pastures new – hence the sale of ‘Jesmond’ for a cool £385,000.00.   A little less if purchased though this website!!

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A Sad Farewell – Peter Marlow Dies

Peter Marlow, a highly acclaimed photographer, passed away last Sunday .   He was 63 and is survived by wife Fiona and four children.   Condolences to all the family.

Peter is known locally for his purchase and re development of  several Dungeness properties.   He has spent an awful lot of money in refurbishing/rebuilding to exceptionally high standards and has guaranteed the survival of the buildings for many years to come.   His first purchase being the ex Coast Guards lookout to the West end of the beach.

There is a lot to read about Peter and his association with the prestigious agency – 'Magnum' – on the internet together with numerous obituaries.


In Memoriam: Peter Marlow (1952 – 2016)






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Local Anglers & The RNLI

A couple of weeks ago now but still worthy of a mention:-

The World Dab Fishing Championships were held here and hosted by the Dungeness  RNLI station at the end of January.   The 175 anglers taking part in the event, organised by the Dungeness Angling Association, raised a magnificent total of £4170.00 for the local lifeboat.

In the six years this event has been running over £30,000.00 has been raised for the Dungeness RNLI.


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